Roger Ver, the most vocal advocate of Bitcoin Cash has tweeted that will come out with a Bitcoin Cash Visa debit card very soon.


The rivalry between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is well known as the latter’s proponent, Roger Ver, has continued to claim that Bitcoin’s Aug. 1, 2017 fork – BCC, is the real Bitcoin as per the original guidelines in the 2009 whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

His idea of a solution to Bitcoin’s supposed shortcomings is Bitcoin Cash, which has a larger block size (8MB compared to Bitcoin’s 1MB - making for a larger number of transactions to be processed within the 10-minute period it takes to process new blocks) and consequently smaller fees and faster transaction processing.

However, the Bitcoin community has not been very receptive to what a lot of them believe is an attempt to subvert the original coin, leading to a rift between supporters of Bitcoin and those of Bitcoin Cash.

Now with a possible Visa debit card solution coming out, Bitcoin Cash’s price is likely to go up as it becomes easily ‘spendable’ – something that cannot be said for Bitcoin which was recently dropped by Steam, the game distribution service, due to high fees and delays.

While there are other solutions (TenX and Monaco) for users looking to spend their digital currency via debit cards, a native solution provided by Bitcoin Cash may be what is needed to further crypto adoption and actual spending, which is considered healthy for the market.