What do BitFX, Tesla and Apple have in common? They all entice buyers to try new technologies by offering staff-packed, hands-on, attractive retail stores.

Now when your grandmother asks you how to use Bitcoin, instead of telling her about thin clients, online exchanges and encrypted passwords, you can just send her to BitFX’s local, friendly storefront. If you live in Hong Kong, that is.

“Starting today, customers in Hong Kong can visit the unique BitFX Bitcoin retail store to enjoy a simple, secure and solid Bitcoin experience,” says BitFX vice chair Gina Leslie.

“We take the technology out of the equation and make Bitcoin more accessible and convenient for everyone.”

The retail experience is made possible through BitFX’s partnership with OKCoin, a Chinese Bitcoin exchange, and Bitcoinnect, a supplier of premium Bitcoin kiosks.

“When we founded BitFX we wanted to create a physical presence for Bitcoin and connect the digital and physical Bitcoin experience,” continued Leslie.

Furthermore, BitFX has developed a hosted wallet for customers who want to tie their identity to their bitcoins for retrieval purposes in case of wallet loss. They call it the 3D Bitcoin wallet, and list its features as follows:

  1. A physical sealed wallet—Keeps bitcoins safely offline and enables customers to transfer Bitcoins to any digital wallet via a mobile device or computer;

  2. Banknote ID—BitFX customers can retrieve their lost 3D Bitcoin wallet by presenting a unique polymer banknote linked to the 3D Bitcoin wallet to authenticate their identity;

  3. Notification alerts—BitFX will send mobile and/or email notifications to alert customers of all activity with their 3D Bitcoin wallet.

—BitFX’s physical wallet offering, the 3D Bitcoin wallet. Your grandma will love it.

BitFX’s retail store will be open from 10 am to 7 pm in central Hong Kong. And with any luck—for both your grandma and mine—this will not be the last grand opening of a BitFX store.

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