Wallet and statistics provider Blockchain was among the businesses that lost control of their Twitter accounts in a large-scale hack on Wednesday.

Blockchain’s account was altered to show a background of the Turkish flag and coat of arms, while other accounts began surfacing with swastikas and other symbols.

“We (alongside many other sites) are working to regain complete access to our twitter acct,” it said in an update on its partially-restored page earlier today.

A response to the update appeared to reveal the party behind the hack, which had set up a dedicated account. The unauthorized content has meanwhile vanished, indicating the company has regained full control.

Amid rising tensions between Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany following a diplomatic spat, it appears hackers are targeting both local and international enterprise in retaliation. Blockchain, registered in neighboring Luxembourg, appears to be one such target.

Other victims have included BBC North America, Reuters Japan and Forbes, Bloomberg reports.

While unusual for prominent cryptocurrency resources, the Twitter infiltrations will likely take a back seat to current revelations surrounding the attack on Bitcoin Unlimited which shut down 50 percent of its nodes late Tuesday.

As details continue to emerge, some well-known figures in the cryptocurrency space are alleged to have suggested that further insecurities remain unfixed.