A blockchain-based advertising platform says it is committed to reducing levels of fraud in the ad industry — enabling marketing budgets to go further.

AdEx says its infrastructure means advertisers and publishers receive data about impressions in real time, enabling businesses to track the progress of campaigns. The elimination of a withdrawal threshold allows publishers to receive revenues for adverts whenever they please, delivering much-needed flexibility.

Benefits for advertisers and publishers

According to AdEx, the advertising industry is currently losing billions annually — and smaller brands, which are already struggling to get their voices heard in an era of information overload, are bearing the brunt most. Its infrastructure aims to ensure that companies never pay for fake traffic, avoid low-quality traffic that has no impact on the generation of new sales and leads, and save money thanks to the fact that ineffective middlemen are eliminated from the process.

Unlike other platforms, AdEx says it aims to empower marketing executives by delivering full transparency 24 hours a day, seven days a week — meaning they can spot suspicious or low-quality traffic before it is too late. Better still, streamlined fees mean businesses only pay toward the cost of validating impressions.

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From a publisher’s perspective, AdEx’s goal is to help fledgling websites and blogs maximize the revenue from their ad space. Given how market-leading ad providers often take excessive levels of commission for the services they provide, the blockchain-based platform says it is determined to keep more money in the pockets of content creators. Another interesting twist comes in the form of micropayments, which means publishers are paid for each impression immediately after it happens. None of these features are at the expense of control, as websites can decide to decline adverts from companies that don’t fit in with their ethos.

Secure, transparent, ethical

AdEx says its platform has been built as an open-source, transparent and fraud-proof alternative to traditional networks — reducing cases in which wrong data is reported and linking advertisers and publishers directly. Data about users is only stored locally in browsers. Better still, instead of “creepily” tracking the public’s behavior, users are only targeted contextually via the websites they visit.

In an attempt to appeal to a broad cross section of businesses, 18 major ad formats are supported that account for more than 85% of the display advertising market. This gives businesses the freedom to launch campaigns in a format that matches their style, design preferences and the message that they want to get across.

AdEx has also become a member of the Blockchain Working Group run by IAB Tech Lab — joining major industry players such as Google, Adobe, IBM, Amazon, Twitter and BuzzFeed.

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