First gaming payment cryptocurrency to power poker & gaming sites, BreakoutCoin has launched its crowdsale, raising $172,000 within the first hour as it plans to sell 6.6 Million tokens over 24 days.

June 13, Breakout Coin began its public coinsale with a bonus of 25 percent for all purchases made in the first 60 minutes. Following that, the bonuses will continue at 15 percent for the first week, 10 percent for the second week, and 5 percent for third week of the sale, which will be hosted by the Bittrex exchange, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

According to co-founder Paul Kim, a total of 6,627,494 Breakout Coins (BRK) will be offered for bitcoin at a base price of no lower than 0.00022222 BTC (about 14.4 cents at current bitcoin exchange rates), which along with a prior sale and tokens for incentivizing players and gaming sites, will bring the total number of BRK to ever be in existence to 19,500,000.

The three coins of the Breakout Blockchain

Breakout Coin is part of the Breakout Chain blockchain for gaming. It is one of three cryptocurrencies that can be used in the Breakout Chain. The others are Breakout Stake (BRX), which BRK holders receive based on the size of the crowdsale and which earn staking interest. Miners who are responsible for the processing of BRK transactions also earn another type of token called SisterCoin (SIS).

Shooting for the moon

World Series Of Poker (WSOP) main event champion and four-time bracelet winner, Huckberry Seed describes this development as “shooting for the moon”.

Seed identifies a crucial part of this project as having smart contracts happen within the Breakout Blockchain and its Sidechains, which would automatically introduce breakout gaming, having several other games and sports happening on the blockchain and associated sidechains.

He continued by explaining that this development will eliminate the interference of middlemen and cheating on gaming sites which has before now created a lot of distrust among gamers.

Also as a part of Seed’s observation is the fact that running the system on the Blockchain eliminates the need to have several employees, thereby cutting down the running cost of the project by a significant margin. This in turn reduces the charges on players to next to nothing.

Significant cost reduction, fun and a fruitful future

Another WSOP multi-bracelet winner, Jeff Lisandro thinks that the development will significantly cut down on the expenses of gamers.

He explains that before now, the cost of his travels and tours as a player had been astronomical. Emphasizing that the biggest expenses in his career has come from currency exchanges, hence his excitement at the introduction of BreakoutCoin.

Asked if he was going to participate in the ongoing crowdsale, Lisandro responded “Definitely”.

Poker Hall of Fame Inductee, Jennifer Harman believes that the concept is a great one which will grow beyond poker into several games.

“I think the whole site is going to be fun, they are going to offer everything and it is going to be a blast.” She says.

Todd Brunson, also a WSOP bracelet winner is impressed with the system's ability to eliminate multiple charges by unifying transactions. He says,

“I think it is a great idea because it brings all your transactions to one spot and reduces cost significantly.”

Asked about the future prospects of online poker, Brunson predicts a scenario where the United States Federal Government will either legalise it or individual states may begin to bypass the federal government and legalise. Therefore, the future looks fruitful he concludes.