Spanish cider makers Sidra Menéndez S.L. and Llagar Castañón S.L are using the Telos blockchain to track the production of their beverages. This will purportedly allow the cider makers to fight counterfeits and over-production. 

According to Luis Meijueiro the head of blockchain research at CTIC Technology Center, cider is one of Spain’s most prized beverages, made from designated apple varieties that place it under the European Union’s PDO, or Protected Designation of Origin. However, Spain’s cider industry has faced challenges as some producers import apples from outside the region to make imitation ciders. 

The Telos blockchain will provide a solution that helps Spanish cider companies to gain consumer confidence and global market share. 

Douglas Horn, chief architect of the Telos Blockchain, said, “Tracking cider production is an excellent example of the many ways Telos can help solve challenges in supply chain management, agriculture, and consumer goods.”

Telos will record the traceability data of the premium cider, allowing consumers to trace the origins of each bottle using the SidraDOP app to scan a QR code on the label.

Consumers can then pull up the history of each bottle, including the types of apples used and when it was delivered. A link also provides the raw transaction data stored on the Telos blockchain registry. 

Under the supervision of cider regulators, all parties register their activity data on the Telos blockchain, including apple producers, cider makers, beverage distributors and sellers.