Blockchain, the world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet service provider, has been named in the Virgin Media Business Disruptor 10 this week as the only Bitcoin startup amongst the 10 innovative new market targeting companies.

The Disruptor 10, which lists the top 10 most disruptive UK private companies, was revealed at the 20th anniversary of Fast Track, an event hosted in association with the Sunday Times, Virgin, HSBC, UBS, BMW and other multi-billion dollar financial institutions and corporations.

Virgin Media Business Managing Director Peter Kelly stated:

“Disruptors like Blockchain are re-writing the business rule book. The success of Blockchain and the other disruptors on our list shows how digital has progressed in just one generation and is the now the backbone of successful companies who are taking market share away from companies who are less digitally focussed.”

Half of global transactions

Blockchain, also known as, is arguably the most dominant startup within the Bitcoin industry. It supports 10.5 mln wallet users and settles around 300,000 payments on a daily basis. Since the Bitcoin network facilitates around 600,000 payments daily, it can be said that the Blockchain platform handles 50 percent of global Bitcoin transactions.

One of the Blockchain platform’s greatest features that have led to its rapid growth is its simplicity. It enables users to send transactions with ease, implement security measures, refers to a wide range of data points and charts and, starting today, allows users to purchase Bitcoin on the platform without accessing external applications.

Blockchain CEO Peter Smith announced earlier today:

The integration of direct Bitcoin purchasing features will allow a larger mainstream user base and global population to obtain Bitcoin without being restricted by extensive KYC regulations and money transmission regulations imposed on Bitcoin exchanges.

Smith stated:

“[Our vision is to] make it as easy as possible for people to do business with each other, which means making it as easy to transfer value as it is to communicate.”

More importantly, in an interview with Kyle Torpey, Smith also stated that the company aims to continue their development on Bitcoin, allocating their development capacity and capital for the benefits of the Bitcoin community, industry and market.

Smith said:

“I believe that radical innovation comes not from incrementally improving the current system but, rather, from building a new system purpose-built for today’s global world.”