Blocksafe, a secure access Blockchain-based system, is about to build its Blockchain using Lisk sidechain technology.

This Blockchain is said to issue a new token for use on the chain called “Trigger” (TRIG). It will work with a planned array of smart gun technologies such as magazines, locks and other Trigger-enabled hardware including the third-party and user-created hardware which can be 3D printed or manufactured.  

To fund this effort, the Blockchain Foundation is conducting a 28-day crowdsale, which commenced on Thursday, September 8.

Access control and management of firearms

According to Kevin Barnes, Blocksafe Founder and CEO, the crowdsale is executed with the involvement of an external platform, which makes it different from the initial crowdsale which was a fully internal affair. This is due to the fact that the previous event involved the receipt of both crypto and fiat, though this time, Blocksafe will accept only cryptocurrency.

Barnes says to Cointelegraph:

“Blocksafe represents a revolution in managing access to firearms through the creation of a Blockchain for smart gun technology. This will allow gun owners to secure, manage and control access to who can use their firearms, disabling stolen weapons, while maintaining a decentralized database which has no central point of failure or control.”

Barnes also notes that in order for firearm owners to be able to track their hardware, sensors built in smart devices will push that data to the ledger, as well as messages sent to the device owner through telehash. These are options the device owner can take advantage of and manage  as they are the only ones who can actually view that tracking data unless they opt to share it with another party.

Barnes explains:

“For example, a husband may opt to allow himself and his spouse to access the data using two separate phones. Encryption prevents others from viewing the data.”

28-day crowdsale plan

Of the 100 million Triggers which will ever exist, Blocksafe will be offering 30 million during the token crowdsale, which will be co-hosted by Bittrex. The crowdsale takes place over 28 days with a first-day bonus of 20 percent and an accelerating price throughout the sale.

Barnes tells Cointelegraph that the token sale will be the final crowdfunding effort they will need to bring Blocksafe to beta.