BlockShow Asia, the much-anticipated Blockchain conference, has just begun in Singapore. The event, powered by Cointelegraph, is designed to allow participants to meet and partner with some of the best and brightest names in the Blockchain community, while also providing valuable insights into how the disruptive technology is growing and impacting industries.

The show began with an important announcement, as the Block.One revealed a publicly available testing environment called EOS.IO Single-Threaded Application Testnet (“EOS STAT”).

BlockShow AsiaFeatures and future

The EOS STAT is designed to be the perfect environment for developers to evaulate, build, and test their DApps, and for potential Block Producers to evaluate the EOS.IO platform. The EOS STAT system offers some important features.

For example, the platform simulates the EOS Production environment that will be available in 2018. With the coming release of the new EOS platform, developers will have ample lead time to build and test new DApps.

Additionally, the testnet will also feature technical improvements. Block times will reduce to just one second (from the previous three-second timing), and the expected transaction speed will be over 1,000 per second.

For interested developers, the EOS team has designed a developer API. Progress can be viewed on GitHub along with substantial resources for getting started on the testnet.

In the future, the testing environment will also include a multi-thread application Testnet (MAT), with a genesis block sometime in June of 2018. The announcement represents the next major step forward for the development of Blockchain technology.

Much more will be forthcoming from the Cointelegraph team, who is in Singapore covering the show. Additionally, a live feed is available from the conference for everyone who wants to track what’s going on in real time.

BlockShow Asia