Bridging Gaps Between the Major Cryptocurrency Paradigms

Use of cryptocurrency has become more accepted and mainstream recently, and in the last six months there have been a couple of significant developments in crypto's progress towards widespread adoption.

First, the huge investments and price increases during the "summer of Bitcoin" have put cryptocurrencies in the news and shown they can retain investment value despite shocks. Secondly, the cryptosphere at large has seen a push to address and confront major issues that could impact user adoption long-term.

In search for good enough in all respects

Among these issues are those of compatibility and interoperability. Forks, lightning networks, and atomic swaps have all come to the fore as efforts are made to make increase user experience and efficiency. If the history of technology diffusion tells us anything, it is that mainstream users want solutions that are "good enough" in all respects (rather than excellent at just one or two things).

Cryptocurrencies that are easy to use, provide versatility, and bring platforms together will succeed best, and compatibility and interoperability are the name of the game Hcash (abbreviated