Currently, you can't go very far with Bitcoin in Mexico.

However, Cancun-based group Bitcunner is working to change that by promoting the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Mexico. The group is made up of IT experts, consultants and software developers who are leveraging their skills to make Bitcoin accessible in Mexico.

Modeled after the Linux User Group concept, it is their priority to reach all Mexicans with Bitcoin education and user support.

Alejandro Colorado, a founding member of Bitcunner, says to Cointelegraph:

"We want to create a rewarding knowledge base on the way to better use Bitcoin and other cryptos on and offline."

In 2014, the Central Bank of Mexico discouraged Mexicans from using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by issuing a warning that painted virtual currencies as ‘risky' and 'unreliable.' Groups like this are therefore timely and imperative in Mexico.

The organization runs social media network pages, chat groups and forums. According to Alejandro: "We also do offline meetups, interviews on traditional media and conferences across the different universities."

Bad reputation

On Bitcoin in Mexico, he says:

"Unfortunately, traditional media has only promoted the bad aspects of Bitcoin. We want to educate people about what it actually is and as a community, it is easier to provide a more open environment. Having a reputation for being a high technological community makes people more comfortable with the message. We are also coaching other communities across the nation to form their groups."

Trump factor

At the moment, the group's primary concern is to push for merchant acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services.

There are some hotels that accept Bitcoin. Although the use of Bitcoin is still growing, more education is needed. We hope to educate more and more businesses on how to use it better," Alejandro indicated.

Bitcunner believes that with proper education about Bitcoin, it could take deep roots in Mexico. Other factors in their view that will aid Bitcoin adoption in Mexico is the callous mismanagement of the monetary system.

"I think the constant devaluations of our national currency have been building a provable evidence of how smart of an investment is it to get into Bitcoin right away," Alejandro concluded.

With Trump's administration set to block Mexican migrants' remittances from the US to Mexico, more education and promotion of Bitcoin are needed in the Latin American country.