Co-Creation: PlayMarket Aspires to be Nasdaq of Google Apps

There is only one thing more exciting than a hot new app in the Google Play Store — and that is, an opportunity to invest in new apps. PlayMarket aspires to be the Nasdaq of Google apps.

When an application developer launches a Google app on the DAO PlayMarket 2.0 platform, they can also issue their own tokens to PlayMarket investors. The PlayMarket operates like an index fund, because investors are rewarded on the performance of all applications in the market in the form of dividends (more below). An important difference is that investors can participate directly in the success of their app investments by promoting apps. Through app ratings and social media channels, for example, users/investors can help grow the PlayMarket and, in turn, their own financial success.

Built-in app and ICO platform launch

For developers, PlayMarket serves as a one-stop shop for app and ICO launch. Developers have access to user-friendly app development and promotional tools. The source code for the smart contracts, PlayMarket 2.0, mobile app DAO PlayMarket 2.0 and the PlayMarket ICO will be available on the website.

The built-in ICO platform allows developers to distribute their tokens to current PlayMarket Fund investors. Once live, PlayMarket helps developers market and improve their apps. This includes a feedback system between developers and users. A built-in crypto exchange (