Digital currency exchange and wallet service Coinbase has resolved the issue of intermittent availability for BTC buys and sells, the platform reported today, Feb. 28 at 08:24 PST.

It took the Coinbase maintenance crew almost seven hours to investigate and fix the issue where one of their processes was “causing Bitcoin buys and sells to become temporarily unavailable”.

The platform announced the system outage on its official Twitter account today at 1:53 a.m. PST:

Despite the fact the problem has been resolved, Coinbase has not tweeted an update on the fix or posted any official comments on the circumstances that resulted in the “intermittent outages of BTC buys and sells” yet. Bitcoin’s status is still marked as “degraded performance” on the platform.

Remarkably, BTC sends, or outgoing transactions, were temporarily offline in January this year, as the trading platform informed users on its status page. Coinbase also suffered “a few outages and downgraded performance” in May, 2017, due to the “unprecedented traffic and trading volume”, according to the company’s statement.