Cointelegraph presents its new Fintech and Blockchain Jobs page, meant to help companies and professionals find each other in the multi-billion dollar blockchain industry.

Set up back in 2014, Cointelegraph has been publishing news and opinion articles about Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, steadily building a loyal and enthusiastic audience. We know that a lot of our readers are passionate professionals, who are either in search of good jobs in the cryptocurrency industry, or are looking for people with the right skills for their own company.

The community is developing very rapidly, and new opportunities appear for both companies and individuals every day. We would like to keep it that way. That is why Cointelegraph is proud to unveil a dedicated listing with the best jobs in the cryptocurrency industry.

Find a job or an employee

If you are an employer, trying to find new talent for their team - feel free to list your vacancies via a simple submit form, completely free of charge.

If you are a talented pro, searching for a position in a growing, tech-oriented Blockchain company - look no further than our list. Select the vacancy that you like the most, and use the respective company’s contact info to get in touch with their representatives.

This is a great opportunity for everyone on the cryptocurrency market to find the right people to work with - so let us all start building a better future for the Blockchain today!