Cointelegraph and The Counterparty Foundation are proud to announce a special giveaway contest where you will have the chance to receive a coupon for US$20 as well as US$10 in XCP!

Additionally, participants will also get the chance to join the Counterparty Foundation community, which works to foster the growth and open development of the Counterparty platform.

In the community spirit, the contest will involve your active participation.

So get involved! Simply follow these steps:

1. Register with the Counterparty Foundation using the following link and join as an Annual Community Supporter for a reduced membership fee of only US$30. Use the promo code CTGIVEAWAY to receive the discount.

2. Register your account at Cointelegraph and add your Bitcoin wallet address
in the Settings section of your account.

3. Leave your thoughts and comments in at least 3 articles on using no fewer than 10 words. Please be nice and constructive.

4. Repost this page - share it via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit or Google+.

5. Drop us an email to [email protected] with the subject "I want my Counterparty reward!" and provide the following:

  • email used during registration

  • links to your comments

  • your xcp wallet address (registered on

  • links to your social profiles, Facebook, Twitter or both. At least 30 friends is our social census

6. Upon account validation you will get a coupon for US$20 from the Counterparty Foundation added to your account, which you can spend on fabulous goods at the Counterparty shop and an additional US$10 in XCP that you can withdraw to your wallet.

Note: Validation can take up to 30 days

Counterparty works by storing extra data in regular Bitcoin transactions, which makes every Counterparty transaction a Bitcoin transaction, albeit a very small one. When Counterparty transactions are broadcast to the Bitcoin network they are verified by Bitcoin miners and saved in the Bitcoin blockchain to make a secure, verifiable record.

So don’t miss your chance to obtain some easy money, familiarize yourself with one of the hottest startups that reportedly powers two thirds of crypto 2.0 crowdsales and become a part of a vibrant online community dedicated to expanding the applications of Bitcoin and the digital currency ecosystem.

About The Counterparty Foundation

The Counterparty Foundation is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the growth and open development of the Counterparty platform.

The Foundation’s mission is to power the development of innovative, blockchain-based financial technology, facilitate crucial administrative functions, advance the Counterparty protocol and its products, educate the community on the Counterparty technology and its uses, provide consulting services on third party development projects, and drive global Counterparty awareness.

By uniting all community members and building alliances across the globe, the Foundation will strive to ensure Counterparty remains a successful, thriving and growing financial platform with an increasing number of projects being built on top of its technology. By employing core developers and promoting innovation and collaboration among the community, the Foundation will ensure the development efforts are being focused towards maintaining and furthering the Counterparty Protocol.

You can learn more about the Counterparty Foundation here.