Tokenomica, a crypto asset exchange based in Malta, has announced over-the-counter, or OTC, cryptocurrency trading for large participants.

The Mediterranean-based exchange now offers participants the ability to trade large amounts of BTC for Euros, separate from the exchange’s order books, Tokenomica announced on its blog on Feb. 18.

The exchange’s announcement made clear that other cryptocurrencies would also be available for OTC trading but remained ambiguous as to other trading pairs with the Euro.

“BTC, ETH Waves and WEST are available for Euro trading,” a Tokenomica representative clarified to Cointelegraph in an email. “Other listed assets (XRP and USDT) are not available nor there are any plans to do so in near future.” Participants can trade any cryptocurrency available on the exchange via OTC when paired against Bitcoin, however.

The Euro is the only fiat currency available for OTC trading right now on Tokenomica, although, “Upon request from a client and subject to our internal procedures, as well as liquidity availability, the deal could be negotiated in British Pounds,” the representative added.

OTC trading can prevent large price hiccups

Crypto exchanges have order books hosting various price levels at which buyers and sellers look to transact each different digital asset.

If a large buyer (or seller) comes along and buys all the available offers in the order book close to any given asset’s market price, then that asset would likely move dramatically in price. To prevent such drastic price fluctuations, some entities offer OTC trading, which essentially allows large buyers and sellers to agree on a price and transact away from order books.

Several U.S.-based outfits offer OTC crypto trading, including Coinbase and Gemini. Similar to Tokenomica, Binance is another Malta-based crypto exchange that offers OTC trading. 

Tokenomica offers large traders Euros for BTC

Large traders can swap BTC for real fiat Euros on Tokenomica in contrast to the stablecoins used in various capacities on a number of exchanges, Tokenomica pointed out in its announcement, adding that participants can also transfer fiat funds to and from their bank accounts.

Bitcoin OTC trades on Tokenomica must be between 5 and 50 BTC in size and incur a 0.75% trading fee. 

Large crypto participants can also use Tokenomica’s OTC trading for any digital assets available on the exchange, the announcement noted. 

Additionally, just a few days ago, one of the largest digital asset OTC dealers, B2C2, joined forces with U.S.-based crypto business SFOX, showing that OTC markets are big business in the crypto space.