Two months ago, when Chinese regulator issued the “Seven Regulatory Bodies” Announcement and shut down the Bitcoin trading, the whole world thought that China Bitcoin gates were closing. Though optimists were claiming that Chinese government might free Bitcoin trading under certain circumstances in the future, nobody anticipated that the day is coming this soon.

CNY trading market is back

On Nov. 1,, a new cryptocurrency trading platform, began to serve sellers and buyers all over the world, including those in mainland China. has become a major trading platform which provides trades of BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC and another major type of cryptocurrencies within a few days.

What’s more, on Nov. 8, it started to accept CNY as a deposit. In other words, the CNY trading market which was closed by the regulators is activated now. The platform only accepts credit cards and debit cards for CNY deposit. WeChat Pay and Alipay are not accepted yet.

New era of Bitcoin in China?

Though it’s still too soon to state that Bitcoin trading is freed by the Chinese government, it's highly likely that the government, instead of banning Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is more interested in regulating the market and supervising the trading. Like it or not, a new era of Bitcoin in China is coming, and law and order might play a more significant role now.