A cloud-based crypto trading software provider says there are compelling benefits to using multiple exchanges when buying and selling coins — and claims to offer an intuitive interface for uniting accounts in one place.

Executives at TradeSanta argue that utilizing multiple exchanges means that everyday traders can gain access to a broader selection of trading pairs, get a wider perspective of what’s going on in the marketplace, and even benefit from arbitrage, where one trading platform is selling Bitcoin more cheaply than another.

TradeSanta says it eliminates the downsides of maintaining multiple logins thanks to an intuitive API that enables all of these exchanges to link to its cloud-based software. Step-by-step guidelines are provided to help users connect their accounts quickly and safely — as well as information that can help newer traders decide which exchanges might be right for them.

Set up a bot in two minutes

Once the process of connecting exchanges is complete, TradeSanta says its users have the freedom to set up trading bots within two minutes. All they need to do is select the pair they wish to trade.

From here, long and short strategies can be added, meaning there is the potential to capitalize when markets are in bullish and bearish territory alike. Take profit targets can be deployed so positions are immediately closed when certain pricing levels are reached, and technical indicators can be relied upon so new trades are opened automatically when market conditions are right. These strategies can be built manually — or, if the trader prefers, they can rely on preset templates where much of the hard work is done for them.


Crypto trading takes place 24 hours a day, seven days a week — meaning it can be near impossible to keep on top of market movements all the time. Through automation, TradeSanta says it enables users to seize opportunities without being constantly tethered to their computer or phone — allowing them to catch up on sleep or pursue some of their other business interests.

Transparent analytics mean traders can receive thorough updates on how their bots are performing at any time, along with Telegram notifications that offer immediate alerts at times of volatility.

One million deals and counting

Figures from TradeSanta show that demand for its automated platform is growing healthily. More than 1 million deals have now been completed through its software, and over 14,500 trading bots are active at the time of writing. The software — available on the web and via apps for Android and iOS devices — also has a vibrant community of 36,500 active users.

The company has sought to provide a clear pricing structure that enables traders of all backgrounds to find the package that’s right for them. A free plan delivers access to all preset trading strategies, an unlimited number of trading pairs, and the use of up to two bots simultaneously. Subscriptions expand the number of trading bots that are available.

International in outlook, TradeSanta has recently been unveiling support for its software in new languages, including Turkish and Portuguese. Executives say this is in response to local demand — with internal data suggesting that interest in crypto bots has recently surged in Turkey and Brazil.

The software supports a number of major international platforms — Binance, Huobi, Upbit, HitBTC, Bitfinex and Bittrex among them. According to the company, connections to BitMEX and OKEx are going to be available soon.

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