, a major cryptocurrency data hub, is to develop a new price widget with an integrated Cointelegraph news feed.

Users will be able to easily monitor cryptocurrency market data and the most relevant cryptocurrency news. A convenient interface of the widget will allow easy access to the latest information about any trading pairs, which are present in CryptoCompare Index: BTC USD, BTC CNY, ETH USD, and many others. The price data is pulled from over 30 exchanges.

Bitcoin price and Cointelegraph news widget

Websites will have an opportunity to freely install the widget. In order to do it, they need to click here, select the appropriate tool and copy the resulting JavaScript code to their page. This simple API represents a great opportunity for any cryptocurrency-related website to provide valuable information to its audience at no additional cost.

Cointelegraph spoke to Charles Hayter about CryptoCompare and the new widget.

A platform for crypto enthusiasts

CryptoCompare was founded in 2014 by Charles Hayter and Vlad Cealicu, with the goal of creating a one-stop shop for all information about major cryptocurrencies. It provides accurate price dynamics and market volume data from 25 of the top crypto exchanges for such currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. In addition to monitoring raw market data, CryptoCompare produces a plethora of analytical articles, such as toplists of cryptocurrencies and businesses, guides, and reviews. Being a social platform, the website also allows its visitors to engage and contribute to the conversation.

Charles Hayter says to Cointelegraph:

“CryptoCompare is an unbiased platform for crypto currency enthusiasts to talk, review and keep up to date with the latest price movements. We rank and compare Wallets, Exchanges, Bitcoin cards, Mining rigs and Mining contracts. The idea is we want to use the communitie’s experience to give consensus behind what are the good products, who should be trusted and why. One key part of our site is making data understandable and having an intuitive interface to explain and guide the user through what trades where and how much volume is flowing through.”

Making crypto more understandable

CryptoCompare have just introduced a portfolio feature which allows users to monitor their holdings in a base currency of their choice and monitor their exposures to various platforms - whether they are exchanges or wallets.

Talking about the new widget, Hayter explained:

“The widget data comes from our CryptoCompare Index for the pair you choose. For example the ETH USD price comes from our calculation of our CryptoCompare ETH USD Index. We calculate the index by a VWAP sum of all the exchange pairs over the past 24 hours which we believe gives the best estimate of price for users. We sum volume but we exclude certain exchanges which don't have good price discovery (due to their nature) from OHLC data or the aggregate price.”