Curv, a Tel-Aviv and New York-based digital asset security platform, has launched Curv Air Gap — an institutional transaction signing solution that uses multi-party computation, or MPC, protocols on offline devices.

The launch comes roughly one week after Curv expanded its operations in Asia — opening an office in Hong Kong and partnering with Japanese blockchain firm, Crypto Garage, to provide secure transaction signing for their Liquid-based settlement solution.

Curv launches multi-party keyless signing solution

On April 23, Curv launched its Air Gap security product, allowing multiple actors to jointly sign transactions offline using keyless cryptography.

Itay Malinger, co-founder and CEO of Curv, told Cointelegraph that the company “has pioneered the use of MPC protocols to create distributed shares.”

He added:

“Curv’s independent shares collectively compute a public key and wallet address, which can be used to deposit digital assets — without ever creating a private key or any party revealing its secret to other parties,“

The solution is deployed via cloud-based software-as-a-service model and can be used with any offline device. Transactions are initiated using Curv’s online platform, however, will not be processed until all requisite air-gapped devices have signed the transfer.

Social trading platform, eToro, is using Curv’s Air Gap solution. EToro VP of engineering, Israel Kalus, stated: “We face different regulatory requirements across the globe that require various offline storage models for key management and signing mechanisms. Curv Air Gap allows us to quickly and easily meet those requirements, and to address key operational and security limitations of cold wallets.”

Curv expands into Asia

On April 17, Curv announced it had expanded into Asia — opening an office in Hong Kong and partnering with Japanese firm, Crypto Garage.

The partnership will see Curv provide secure transaction signing for Crypto Garage’s Liquid-based settlement platform, Settlenet.

“We're poised for strong growth in Asia with our partnership with Crypto Garage," said Malinger, adding: "Our BlackBox solution ensures Crypto Garage has the security and flexibility it needs to provide a settlement service that institutions can rely on for their crypto-finance products.”