Litecoin smoothly moved down even though nothing had foretold such a surprising behavior. But suddenly the LTC/BTC pair jumped from 0.088 to 0.094 in just three hours. What was the reason for it? Market manipulation or maybe someone decided to buy a whole bunch of Litecoins urgently. Hard to find out. Now LTC/BTC is on the level of 0.09 and aspires down again. However, Litecoin reached the level of $3.80 gradually decreases to $3.50 for the third time in two weeks. This is an excellent movement for trade in the market, which is always rich with surprises.


DASH continues falling, without having stopped on 0.06, and now the exchange rate comes closer to the level of 0.056. Previously Dash price had shot up from the level of 0.056 and reached 0.068. So now it’s necessary to watch closely. Besides, if theBitcoin price stops growing, DASH has all the chances to grow again.


Dogecoin isn't going to go lower than 30 Satoshi yet, having shown a bottom around 29 Satoshi. Thus, day volumes considerably grew. It is a good sign for Dogecoin and if we keep level in 30 Satoshi any time, it will be possible to consider buying coins at this level. Orders in 28-29 Satoshi too won't be superfluous.


ETH continues to fall, though the time of the profit fixing for traders already passed, and at the level of 0.0019, we see a big amount of buy orders.


PPC/BTC exchange rate holds the level of 0.001. Slightly above this level there are big demands of buy orders on BTC-E. Now we are at the level of $0.40 and, and most likely stay near this level. Only a recent growth of Bitcoin price could lift Peercoin a little bit higher than $0.40.


Lots of Cointelegraph readers use Neucoin cryptocurrency, therefore it will be fair to include it in the daily review too.

Now 1000 Neucoins cost about $8.30. Though this cryptocurrency is very young, it’s already known better times – last fall 1000 Neucoin reached $14. Strategically, Neucoin has all opportunities to update the tops, therefore such a coin should be added to traders investment portfolio. Moreover, Neucoin is good and for short-term speculation. As we see from this chart, the price of 1000 Neucoin was lower than $8 only for a short time and then coming back on higher levels, which gave enough chances to close orders with profit. Therefore, we will be guided further upon by the level of $8