Today all cryptocurrencies use all their forces to hold on the levels they have already reached. Litecoin grows slowly, and tries to reach the upper bound of a corridor of $3.50 - $3.80 as Bitcoin exceeded its level of $450. The Litecoin vs. Bitcoin exchange rate of 0.008 confirmed its reputation of being a good resistance, and now Litecoin is on 0.0081 with a tendency to decrease.


DASH holds on to the level of 0.0056. And the longer it is on this level, the sharper its move will be afterwards.  


Dogecoin gradually moves under the level of 30 Satoshi, which has already become a resistance level. In comparison with yesterday’s situation, Dogecoin shows no futher development.


Even ETH has stopped its sharp movements. Now ETH must hold on to the reached level of 0.002, or it will continue a trend down, perhaps even setting a new price bottom.


Peercoin is in the same place as it was yesterday – about $0.42-0.43. It’s exchange rate against Bitcoin is also the same at 0.0094-0.0095.


Neucoin’s price fluctuates in the range of $8.25 up to $9.25 today.

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