Litecoin continues to entertain support at the level of ~$3.60. Consequently, LTC/BTC exchange rates reached 0.081 BTC and isn't going to grow. From the point of technical analysis of the chart, we can see a "flag" with entry from above, which means that a following downward exit is more probable. Nevertheless, one more splash in the course of Bitcoin can spoil the whole game again.  


DASH doesn't cease to surprise - it has grown from 0.06 till 0.07 in one single day! Now its price is 0.063, as the sharp movement up demanded future corrections. It seems that buy orders should be rearranged to the level slightly lower than 0.06. However, traders don’t want to sell their coins so cheap.


Dogecoin decided to stand away from sharp movements and can be traded for 30-31 Satoshi so far. However, last night’s Dogecoin price was 29 Satoshi again, which was a great time to close orders with profit.


ETH continues to develop its movement within an uptrend. When the price goes lower than 0.02 it is worth looking for opportunities to place buy orders.


Peercoin is trending down. If Bitcoin falls even a little we will see the Peercoin price below the level of $0.40 due to the PPC/BTC exchange rates going lower than 0.001 (and even as low as 0.0094 - 0.0095).

It seems that traders were bothered by Peercoin, but of course when the price falls, more people consider placing buy orders, so builds interest in this cryptocurrency. Unfortunately today's level of $0.41 - $0.42 doesn't seem a good price for buyers at all.


Neucoin reaches all time highs as it reached $12 for 1000 Neucoin yesterday, while it was $11 for 1000 Neucoin only one day before. It might be that $10 will become a resistance level soon.

The analysis and prognosis are the personal views of the author and are not a recommendation to buy or sell Bitcoins.

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