DASH and MaidSafeCoin have both posted new all-time market cap highs as investors pile into altcoin trading.

DASH, which recently debuted on major exchange BitMEX, has seen its value shoot up over the past month, posting almost daily significant gains in price.

It now enjoys the number six spot in terms of the market cap out of all cryptocurrencies and has reached its highest-ever figure of $139.6 mln according to data from Coinmarketcap.

Dash Chart

“The first digital currency that can offer real electronic untraceable cash will be very successful. The Dash team is on the right path towards accomplishing this feat,” BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes commented when the exchange listed DASH earlier this week, causing a likely uptick in trading activity.

Relatively flat Bitcoin trading is one likely cause of the sudden appetite for altcoins among investors.

At the same time, safety-centric content platform MaidSafe’s asset MaidSafeCoin has also posted new market cap highs, climbing to just under $92 mln. It currently holds eighth place in Coinmarketcap’s listings.

MaidSafeCoin chart

Both DASH and MaidSafeCoin have been in existence since 2014. While MaidSafe focuses on safety and security, DASH’s main unique selling point is that of anonymity and privacy, for example, through its PrivateSend transaction tool.