One of the most significant issues content creators and artists face today is a lack of control regarding their overall content. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch constantly alter the rules when it comes to content uploads, forcing users to cater to these new algorithms if they wish to succeed.

Instead of media conglomerates owning and controlling content, creators posit a different idea — that media organizations should be owned by creators and consumers rather than third-party intermediaries. Such a view is standard in the Web3 space, and fortunately, decentralized technology such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies enable this future. And one project, the Cardano (ADA)-powered Flickto, is aiming to facilitate it.

Decentralized media

Flickto is building what it calls DeMe, or decentralized media. To Flickto, DeMe is defined as an open-source platform that allows users to pitch and fund their media projects. 

While creators pitch their projects on the Flickto incubator, the community is voting on the ones they believe have the most value. Supporting projects is possible through staking the FLICK token and voting on pitches that the user deems worthy. Projects with the most votes will receive funding from the Flickto platform, alongside assistance in various avenues like marketing, sales, pre- and post-production and much more. 

From there, voters can communicate with creators, ensuring the two parties can work together to create something truly remarkable. Voters can then earn FLICK when projects perform well, generating a passive income for themselves.

Democratizing creation

Flickto hopes to achieve what the current creative industry cannot: the democratization of content ownership. However, they’re looking for community funding to do so. 

The company is currently holding an initial staking pool on Cardano and has also been working hard to expand other offerings. It has recently expanded its team, established new partnerships, held two successful IDO raises and more –– all to build the foundation of its vision.

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“The optimism and hope generated by DeMe is not to be understated. The ability for anyone to learn and apply their creative expertise to produce meaningful content has been emphasized through the rise of platforms like Youtube where creators ultimately give away ownership and creative control to meet the needs of obscure algorithms or centralized authority,” the team shares.

“Flickto brings change to this status quo. Placing creators and consumers in the driving seat of media projects to ensure they create thriving communities and projects not reliant on a centralized authority.”

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