San Francisco-based decentralized gold, precious metals and bitcoin exchange DigitalTangible has rebranded as Serica, at the same time broadening its investment platform offerings to global traders, investors, and merchants.

DigitalTangible has been a trailblazer in the gold-bitcoin space, in September last year launching the first ever gold/bitcoin online marketplace - the Crypto 2.0 Gold Trading Platform - and then expanding it to Asia the next month.

The company also launched Bitcoin4Gold, which allows users to send physical gold to a dealer network in exchange for bitcoin, darkcoin, dogecoin or litecoin.

Now rebranded as Serica, the company says it will focus more widely on providing smooth trading of any valuable, physical asset and digital money in innovative ways.

Founder and CEO, Taariq Lewis, said the name is derived from the Greek word “Ceres,” meaning “people of the land where silk comes from.”

Founder and CEO, Taariq Lewis

Lewis explained:

“Our customers want to execute smooth, fast trades in all possible tangible asset classes. We continue to improve our platform to deliver smooth and fast hard asset trades that are unmatched anywhere else.”

The rebrand to Serica coincides with the upcoming launches of product offerings linking bitcoins, Bitcoin’s blockchain technology, to valuable, physical assets around the world.

Serica said its broadened ability to trade assets beyond precious metals such as gold would allow it to enter new verticals such as real estate, soft commodities, and even farmland.

“Serica also establishes new and faster trading ramps for United States retirement and alternative asset investors who seek access to untapped trading markets uncorrelated to today’s equities and commodities markets,” the company added.

By Tom Jackson

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