Several organizations, including most recently the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), have misleadingly listed both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) under one payment option, “Bitcoin”. The EFF, an international non-profit digital rights group that had already had BTC as a donation payment option, tweeted yesterday, March 13, that they are now accepting donations in BCH, but their website shows a lack of understanding about the difference between BTC and BCH.

Since the Bitcoin Cash announcement, the EFF’s donation page shows three payment options, Credit Card, PayPal, and, laconically, “Bitcoin”. Selecting the “Bitcoin” option takes users to the following screen, which allows you to donate in either BTC or BCH, even while the heading of the page is “Pay with Bitcoin”:

Pay With Bitcoin

Just last week Microsoft also added BCH to their already existing BTC payment option, and makes the same misleading categorization of both as “Bitcoin”.

The anonymity-centric Tor browser also includes a “Bitcoin” donation option that confusingly gives the option of paying in both BTC and BCH:

Donate Bitcoin


A previous mix-up over BTC and BCH by in early January led to customers being able to pay with both cryptocurrencies interchangeably, accidentally giving a huge potential discount to anyone paying in BCH at the time. This option of paying in either BTC or BCH at a 1:1 ratio for any item was reportedly active on the site for around three weeks.

At press time Bitcoin is trading at an average of $8,130, down almost 12 percent on the day. Bitcoin Cash is trading at an average of $931, down almost 13 percent on the day to press time.