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Crypto security is one of the hottest topics right now, as users wish for a much less turbulent 2023. Against the backdrop of a somewhat troublesome 2022, crypto enthusiasts are now more aware than ever that their assets need to be protected.

To aid in users' efforts to keep their investments safe, one browser-based extension is revolutionizing the space. Web3 Antivirus is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that allows users to analyze and monitor smart contracts before interacting with them.

To get a complete overview of what Web3 Antivirus brings to the table, tune into an AMA session with the project’s founder, Alex Dulub, on January 18th at 12 pm ET.

An added layer of security

News of the latest phishing scam, stolen access keys, and fraudulent NFT collections have been a constant presence in the space for years. Anyone who has been part of the crypto ecosystem long enough knows that due diligence and extensive research are the best practices when it comes to crypto investments.

And while browsing through smart contracts and trying to figure out whether a project is legitimate might sound like daunting tasks, software like the one Web3 Antivirus offers helps a lot.

W3A’s browser extension can help detect phishing attempts, block malicious websites, and alert users to potential security risks. The extension can be easily installed and configured to provide an added layer of protection for crypto users. Let’s take a closer look at what W3A does and explore its features and benefits.

How does Web3 Antivirus work?

As a browser extension tool, Web3 Antivirus is easy to use alongside a crypto wallet when interacting with web3 platforms. The W3A extension enhances research efforts by providing an in-depth analysis of transactions through auditing the smart contracts behind them and validating websites to alert users if they are heading to a phishing one. It uses a smart contract scan and graph structure algorithm to identify any inconsistencies or potential issues users should be aware of in the code.

Additionally, users can run detailed transaction simulations, allowing them to see what would happen if the transaction is approved. These simulations are extremely useful when users are unsure whether an interaction they plan to perform with their wallet is genuine or malicious.

W3A is a tool designed to aid crypto users' due diligence and research capabilities. Thanks to the easy-to-use design, and fast analysis tools, users can efficiently run checks on Web3 platforms before signing away any permissions concerning their crypto wallets.

Join the AMA with W3A founder Alex Dulub

To learn more about the full suite of tools and products Web3 Antivirus offers, tune in to the Cointelegraph and W3A ask-me-anything session this Wednesday, January 18th, at 12 pm ET.

Listeners will get a chance to hear firsthand from Web3 Antivirus’ founder Alex Dulub what the latest developments are and what improvements and new features to expect from the security extension in the near future.

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