Despite various scandals resulting from his claims, Craig Wright, the computer scientist who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has been staging a comeback in the form of a new company called nChain.

The company claims to be “the global leader in research and development of Blockchain technologies.” It is currently in the works of staging its own Bitcoin rival in the form of various patents related to Blockchain.

As a result, several press releases about the company were picked up by various media companies, including stories on executive hires involved in the new venture.

Call for better and balanced coverage

A closer look at the company’s structure raises more questions than gives answers.

Applied Cryptography Consultant Peter Todd, raises questions on Twitter about journalistic credibilities of media companies involved in covering the Wright’s company considering the colorful background of its founders and the lack of balanced coverage.

Todd further suggests the need for SEC intervention:

Todd’s followers concur with his initial statement and further suggest that there needs to be more disclosure along with vigilant journalism especially in this industry should it wish to keep its current decentralized and deregulated state.