According to the FBI IC3 report, they’ve received around 2600 cybercrime complaints including ransomware-related issues.

The annual review of cybersecurity threats coming from the law enforcement agency’s, Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), outlines a range of statistics including number of submission complaints received regarding the ransomware. It also includes a breakdown per state.

Increasing Bitcoin-related crimes

Ransomware is type of a malicious tool that infects one's personal computer and encrypts its data disabling the user from navigating files such as the user's documents. It stops you from using your computer and holds your PC files as “ransom”.

 A payment is then demanded, usually in the form of Bitcoin, to return the information back to its decrypted state, which unlocks the computer.

Cybercrimes costed $1.33 billion

About 2673 complaints were submitted according to IC3’s report. The number is just the tip of the iceberg, though, when compared to the 298,728 cybercrime-related complaints received overall last year, 2016. Losses connected to such cybercriminal activities is reported to be around $1.3 bln.

WannaCry: unstoppable?

Dubbed as WannaCry, IC3’s enlightenment comes on the crusts of worldwide ransomware attack, which affected hundreds and thousands of personal computers that were owned by a massive network of organizations. One of those infected by the attacks was UK’s National Health Service, The Guardian reports.

Reuters also reports that Japanese automaker, Honda, had to temporarily close one of its manufacturing plants because they’ve discovered some WannaCry was lurking around inside one of their networks. Around 200,000 computers were locked up because of the spread of WannaCry ransomware in more than 150 countries and security experts have warned that new versions of the worm may strike again.