FEB 24 DIGEST: Blockchain.info Reaches 3 Millionth Wallet, Bitcoin Payment Option Disappears from WordPress

Wallet service provider Blockchain.info hits the three million bitcoin wallet mark on its platform, BTC payment option disappears from WordPress, ex-Mintpal CEO Ryan Kennedy arrested in the UK and other top stories for February 24.

Blockchain.info Reports 3 Millionth Bitcoin Wallet

Wallet service provider Blockchain.info continues to grow rapidly, as the three millionth bitcoin wallet was created on its platform this week. And although CEO Peter Smith would not disclose how many of Blockchain.info’s wallet accounts actually contain funds, he pointed to record-breaking transaction volume as a sign of bitcoin's user growth:

"You can look to the 140% (approx.) year-over-year growth in the number of transactions powered by our software daily to get a sense for activity, which, as a company focused on making it easy to transact, is really encouraging."

Bitcoin Payment Option Disappears from WordPress Platform

The open-source blogging platform WordPress, which became one of bitcoin's first high-profile accepting ventures when it announced it would accept the cryptographic currency for premium features in November 2012, has removed bitcoin from its payments options at checkout. Why WordPress has removed this option, and whether or not this is permanent, remains unclear as of yet.

Ex-Mintpal CEO Ryan Kennedy Arrested in the UK

It has been confirmed that Ryan Kennedy, the ex-CEO of the now-defunct exchange Mintpal, was arrested over non-compliance with a court order requiring him to repay 750 BTC to one of his customers back in December of last year.

The arrest was brought about by UK law enforcement after Syscoin, which saw “massive losses” due to Mintpal’s collapse, did not receive payment after pursuing Kennedy through the courts in October last year. Kennedy was later released on bail.

Ex-Mintpal CEO Ryan Kennedy Arrested in the UK

Electrum 2.0 to be Released This Week

The popular light Bitcoin client Electrum, which allows users to store, send and receive bitcoin while maintaining in control over the private keys but without needing to download the full blockchain, has announced on twitter that its 2.0 version will be released this week.

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