On a mission to demystify digital currencies and Blockchain technology, a New York-based Global Blockchain Consortium Agentic expands into Europe opening its office in Paris, France.

Cointelegraph asked Rik Willard, Founder and Managing Director of Agentic Group, why the Consortium has favored Paris, what is the climate in the Blockchain ecosystem in the country, and what are the primary goals for the new office.

Supporting ideas, businesses, and innovation

The Agentic Group was established in 2015 and is a membership-driven consortium with 36 Blockchain and digital currency related companies worldwide among its members.

In the last few years Blockchain and digital currencies have significantly changed global perceptions of identity, inclusion, interconnected things and the ideas of how sustainable value can be created on the Internet.

This value is driven by an explosion of financial transactions affecting businesses and societies. Bringing these significant changes emerging technology raises concerns over the need for some sectors of business, while creating new opportunities for others.

Agentic Group aims at supporting the ideas, companies, and people who develop and monetize the emerging ‘Internet of Value’ through exploring real-world use cases for the Blockchain and digital currencies It provides executive education and insight for private fund managers, and develops solutions for corporations, governments and nonprofit organisations.

Rik Willard explains:

“The Agentic Group was formed in response to the need for a cohesive voice in the field that addresses not only the financial implications of digital currencies and Blockchain technology, but also the significant ramifications for the rest of the global business community as well as the development of new forms of social benefit in both developed and developing markets.”

Why France?

Expanding the business into France is not a random business decision, and the presence in Paris is important for Consortium. According to Willard, France has some far-reaching and long-standing relationships which align with Agentic’s focus on certain emerging markets.

Willard sees the high potential for France to thrive in the sector:

“French companies are eager to learn about this new technology and how they can use it for growth. We are looking forward to filling an education and execution vacuum for them, and helping their position in this sector rise.”

Opening the office in Paris is the first step in Consortium’s expansion plans across Europe, and the rest of the world. The consortium is taking on a mission to provide insight into these disruptive technologies on a global scale.

Christophe de Courson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Agentic France considers Agentic France as a timely extension of the movement created by the Agentic Group to support the global Blockchain and digital currency ecosystem through the exploration, education and execution of major projects.

Building bridges from France

The main priority for the team in France, as mentioned by Rik Willard, will be working closely with companies, organizations and entities within the country. He sees them playing a pivotal role for the Agentic Group within neighboring countries where they have a cultural influence.

Willard explains:

“We intend to leverage our consortium members to create solutions for French multinationals and we are still determining the scope of their responsibilities and what is feasible in both the short and long term.”

Agentic’s discussion forum

The Agentic Group unveils the nature and trajectory of the development of digital currencies and Blockchain technology through a series of events featuring prominent figures in the Blockchain and financial technology arena, bringing them together for a discussion.

The first Paris event took place on June 20 and gathered the most influential players in the Blockchain space. The former French Minister of State Jean-Luis Borloo gave the opening address where he educated all attendees on the important role Blockchains have in his major energy initiative in Africa.  Former CEO of Maestro and global ATM network Cirrus Ann Camarillo; CEO of Stratumn Richard Caetano; Founder of BitWage Jonathan Chester, and Founder and CEO of Fermat Luis Molina were noticed among panellists.

Willard tells Cointelegraph:

“The event was a huge success. Our overall goal was to introduce ourselves and mark our presence in France. Through the compelling panel discussions we highlighted the potential use of Blockchains in both the payments and energy sectors to create new value in Africa's Francophone markets. We also explored France's role in the evolving issues of Europe's regulatory environment.”

Researching new real-life applications of the Blockchain

Blockchain is a fast developing technology. Numerous businesses invest their money in researching new real-life applications of it. We’ve seen some examples of Blockchain technology used as a tool for risk management, and a core for the voting system.

The Agentic Group focuses on how the Blockchain creates interconnected value in a holistic sense, how it can contribute to the securitization of alternative assets as well as how it can affect the potential for alternative financing both locally and globally.

Education is crucial for realizing the potential of technology to the fullest.

Willard explains:

“Our mission is to contribute to the growing conversation by demystifying Blockchain, digital currencies, and related technologies, as well as providing education on how they open opportunities for growth and investment.”

Agentic Consortium is growing, and growing fast. Willard says:

“We are excited for all that is set to come for the Agentic Group, with our sights set on expanding into crucial markets in both Africa and Asia.”

Willard shared Agentic’s plans for the near future, saying that the consortium will launch its London office with a panel event at the London Stock Exchange.

Time to book tickets to London, guys!