March 14, a sad day for users of the Bitcurex, when hackers made an attempt to break the service and steal digital coins.


Action and Reaction

The attack was made early in the Friday’s morning (hackers have nothing sacred), as can be judged by the first message that arrived on the service’s Facebook page"> at 09:37, local time. The post did not inform users about the hack, blaming the error, most likely to prevent users from panicking and writing annoying posts that usually only distract people from actually fixing the problem.

This first step in the damage control allowed to exchange admins to take a deep breath and find a way to take all the necessary actions to exclude the worst possible outcomes. Therefore, some hours after the initial post the following statement was held out to be read:

“we successfully blocked a hacking attack on Bitcurex, preventing mass theft of BTC funds of our users. Thanks to automatic safety procedures, hackers managed to defraud only a portion of the funds stored in operational Hot Wallet Bitcurex. The majority of funds from Hot Wallet, as well the entirety of funds from Cold Wallet and FIAT monetary funds remained intact.”

That followed with apologies and appreciation of the support from cryptocommunity that, as practice shows, always ready to react when the network is under attack.

Sea of sharks

This year is starting with massive attacks from people, who really want to break the system. I mean, these hackers are like sharks that smelled blood, circling around their victim. However, it is not blood that thieves felt but gold, even though its digital.

As attacks become more common, the systems are catching up. Some attacks are prevented before they can make any real harm, others are intercepted slightly late, but still without any substantial damage. The more attempts at stealing from the network will be made, the more fortified will be the defenses.

Happy end

As of this day the Bitcurex will continue to work by usual schedule. More info is on their webpage. “What doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger,” indeed.