Half Year Report: 60% of World’s Bitcoin Merchants Are Using BitPay

Leading global bitcoin payment processor BitPay has published a half year report on bitcoin which covers growth of merchants, transactions, volume, etc. Today, over 100,000 merchants worldwide are accepting bitcoin. Out of the 100,000 bitcoin merchants, 60% are processing bitcoin payments through BitPay.

Quarterly Transactions

The number of transactions in the 2nd quarter of 2015 for the European region has reached an all-time high of 102,221 transactions per quarter (34,074 per month).

Quarterly Transactions

Such growth in the European region, according to Julia Patterson, the communications manager at Bitpay is the result of the diversity of payment options adopted by European merchants to settle purchases and transactions from multiple countries.

“You could also say that Europeans are more accustomed to using alternative payment methods,” explained Patt