I’m Not Satoshi — I Don’t Have That Much Money, Says Sci-Fi Author

Popular speculative fiction author Neal Stephenson says suggestions he could be Satoshi Nakamoto are “flattering” but unfounded. 

Cryptonomicon or bust

Stephenson made his remarks during an interview on the Conversations with Tyler podcast on July 17 in response to a half-jocular suggestion first proposed in Reason magazine article this spring. 

The novelist told Tyler Cameron that when he had read the article, he understood that the journalist was “largely just goofing,” — yet added: “I hope nobody takes it seriously.” He explained: 

“It’s flattering that anyone imagines I’ve got the mathematical know-how needed to make something like blockchain [...] it requires a very high degree of cryptographic knowledge and coding skill that is beyond my abilities, certainly. And I definitely do not have the lifestyle of a person who has that much money.”

The Reason article had pointed to Stephenson’s impressive literacy in science, math and engineering and to his profound immersion in the technological imaginary — all of which permeates his fiction, notably the 1999 novel Crypto