According to the Japanese wire service JiJi Press, the governor of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda has made a statement on bitcoin during the regular press conference. The comments on the cryptocurrency from the leading financial institution of the country can be determining for the future policy of the country in regards of virtual money types and alternative payment methods.

Haruhiko Kuroda voiced that the bank is interested in the coin, as well as it is researched by the central bank’s Institute of Monetary and Economic Studies. Mr. Kuroda can be quoted: “Compared to traditional ways of money transfer and existing electronic money, Bitcoin has both similar and different aspects”. However, the bank or the government has no plans for the nearest future considering bitcoin. No official institution is planning to enter the market or to launch some corresponding services. It is necessary to repeat that one the world’s leading exchange platforms Mt.Gox is located in Japan and the origin of bitcoin is also Japanese. It is hard to imagine the country to ban the invention of their citizen or group of citizens.

Speaking about Haruhiko Kuroda it is important to emphasize that the governor is actively supporting the changes in the economy and sees the necessity to loosen the monetary policy. He also entered the list of the most influential people of the world and is placed on the 39th position. The former president of the Asian Development Bank believes in that the monetary policy should be easier and has made similar comments earlier during the current year.

Now it is interesting to await more comments from the officials of the country as there is no clear perspective on the taxation and rules that might influence the turnover and use of the coin.