Distributed ledger technology provider Iota, Dell Technologies and the Linux Foundation are collaborating on Project Alvarium.

In an Oct. 28 press release, the nonprofit Linux Foundation announced it was forming a new project with support from several major industry giants such as Dell, the Iota Foundation and IBM. Other partners to the project include edge resource marketplace MobiledgeX and global IT firm Unisys.

The project, based on code from Dell Technologies, aims to build on the concept of a Data Confidence Fabric, which establishes measurable trust and confidence in data coming from multiple sources. The system would score data based on its trustworthiness and reliability. 

Dell CTO Jason Shepherd said that scored data trustworthiness could help organizations meet different compliance requirements like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Other firms are also developing data trustworthiness ratings

As more sensitive data gets put on blockchains, different organizations and industry players are developing methods to verify the provenance and reliability of recorded data. 

In July, Japanese tech research firm Fujitsu Laboratories announced that it had developed a blockchain-based system for evaluating user credentials, identity and trustworthiness in online transactions.

The platform would consider user ratings and subsequently assign them a trustworthiness score. Users would rate each other when a transaction occurs, after which the technology evaluates the data to evaluate users’ relationships with one another.

Iota and its partnerships

At the end of September Iota formed a partnership with the Linux Foundation through LF Edge, an umbrella organization that aims to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system. 

Earlier this month, Iota partnered with open-source platform Fiware, to use its Tangle technology for smart solutions. Specifically, Fiware intends to deploy Tangle for the decentralized storage of data on devices.