Online 3D printing store ISG has announced it has started accepting Bitcoin and Cannabiscoin as payment methods on its website, combining two disruptive technologies into one purchasing experience.

"We are already accepting Bitcoin and have been proud to collaborate with CannabisCoin on a line of 3D printed grinders," said CEO and founder Samuel Guillemette.

"We are open to more collaboration with the cryptocurrency community. We want to bring the best experience to the users."

ISG chose BitPay to process its Bitcoin payments. The company said that it was currently working on integrating Vericoin and "will be accepting more in the next months." ISG is also working on its own cryptocurrency, ISGPaycoin, expected to be functional in the first quarter of 2015.

The Canadian-based online store offers a wide range of products related to 3D printing, including printers, 3D printed objects, PLA filaments, as well as services for modeling and printing. The company is also designing and manufacturing its own line of 3D printers, and recently announced a brand new model, the ISG II, currently available on the website for pre-order, payable via traditional payment methods and Bitcoin.

The machine is based on a Prusa i3 design. ISG built its own frame and added a heated platform.

The ISG II is priced at CA$899 excluding taxes, or 2.8334 BTC. The company currently ships to Canada, the United-States and Europe.

ISG additionally said it is planning to open a brick-in-mortar outlet in Sherbrooke, Canada, due in the next coming months. 

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