Japanese luxury car dealership L'Operaio will be able to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option from customers using their crypto wallets on the Tokyo-based exchange bitFlyer, according to a press release from bitFlyer published yesterday, March 27.

The release notes that a bitFlyer user can spend up to 100 mln yen (around $942,000) using their digital wallet, and that BTC purchases can be done by scanning a QR code and will be “settled in [a] few seconds.”

The BTC option will be first available at three stores in Tokyo, in Setagaya, Nerima, and Aoyama, but the aim is to “expand to all stores in the future.”

In January of this year, bitFlyer was granted a European Union payment institution license, making it — in the words of the company’s CEO— “the most compliant virtual currency exchange in the world.”

Adding BTC as a retail payment option has been expanding globally, with South Korea’s largest crypto exchange set to bring the crypto payment option to 8,000 brick and mortar stores within the year, and a Northern Ireland property developer ready to accept BTC for properties.