Principal SegWit2x developer Jeff Garzik has announced he is already working on a new separate cryptocurrency called Metronome.

As Bloomberg reports Tuesday, Garzik is seeking to create the altcoin - which unlike 2x will not be a fork of Bitcoin - as the first of its kind to ‘jump’ between different Blockchains.

"If I had a clean slate of paper this is what I would design," the publication quotes Garzik as saying.

SegWit2x continues to provoke controversy throughout the cryptocurrency world, with figures and businesses both split as to whether the fork is a beneficial addition to Bitcoin or an attempt at a so-called “hostile takeover” of the network.

Metronome’s unique selling point - insuring holders against “infighting” from a certain development team - is thus more than a little ironic.

“The mobility means that if one Blockchain dies out as the result of infighting among developers or slackened use, Metronome owners can move their holdings elsewhere,” Garzik added in paraphrased comments.

Metronome is the developer’s brainchild as co-founder of Blockchain enterprise platform Bloq. Fellow co-founder Matthew Roszak was extremely upbeat about the coin’s long-term prospects.

"Institutional investors should be very excited to see something like this,” he said. "We’ve built a thousand-year cryptocurrency, something that’s built to last."

The ongoing Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas will form the official unveiling of Garzik’s creation this week, while SegWit2x is slated for forking Nov. 18 and its release soon after.