Money20/20, the world’s largest marketplace for payment and financial services, will be hosting the likes of Steve Wozniak to discuss the power of AI, as well as hosting industry leaders from financial institutions to discuss the applications of Blockchain technology.

This new and powerful technology is becoming too difficult to ignore anymore, and as it continues to disrupt and revolutionize the financial industry, more and more people want to discuss it and hear how it can become integrated.

A major platform for Blockchain to flourish

Money20/20 is a huge and well-regarded event that represents every sector of the financial market. Its figures and guest list alone suggest that it is a big platform for any new technology to be featured on.

Money20/20, held at The Venetian in Las Vegas from October 22-25, boasts over 11,000 attendees with 1,700 CEOs & Presidents, from 4,500 companies and 85 countries. All  are coming to hear the likes of Apple’s Wozniak discuss the power of AI in the financial sphere, and to learn more about the power of Blockchain technology.

Exploring Blockchain’s adoption

Money20/20 seems to be aiming at discovering just how far the Blockchain can go in today’s developed financial sector. But it is not just Blockchain technology; at Money20/20 ICOs will also be near the top of the agenda as people try and wrap their heads around these huge money makers.

While Wozniak will be speaking on AI, Amber Baldet from JPMorgan Chase, Marley Gray from Microsoft, David Huseby from Hyperledger and Todd McDonald from R3, will all be there to discussing how to make Blockchain real for enterprise.

Some of these companies have already made waves in the Blockchain and digital currency spheres - some better waves than others. Microsoft is pioneering the way with its Coco Framework. Meanwhile, JP Morgan has had a swipe at Bitcoin but is still intrigued by the Blockchain technology behind it.

ICO boom

Of course, it is hard to delve into Blockchain technology and not discuss ICOs, this Money20/20 will also be using Tezos - a highly successful ICO - as an example discussion on these fund raisers.

Money20/20 has confirmed that co-founders of Tezos, Arthur and Kathleen Breitman, will be on-hand to try and sway the institutionalized financial sector to the power of ICOs when it comes to raising funds.