Who wants to be a millionaire? Cointelegraph, together with partners Fairproof, DarkNote and BetVIP, are giving you the chance to do just that, with prizes from 1BTC to life-changing winnings for lucky Cointelegraph readers.

Bitcoin gaming has come a long way over the past year, with provable fair play revolutionizing how services operate and creating some unique new players in the market. One such player is Fairproof, a cryptocurrency lottery with a completely provably fair basis.

Together with DarkNote, an increasingly popular altcoin based on the innovative CryptoNote technology, Cointelegraph readers will be able to check out Fairproof for free – with the chance to make a lot more than their original US$10 deposit. Readers will also have the chance to explore Cointelegraph in more detail and form part of the community, which lies at the heart of our resource.

The giveaway works by purchasing US$10 worth of DarkNote (XDN) to play on Fairproof.com. If you win, great, but should you lose, your initial deposit will be refunded to you in full.

“The campaign is sweetened even more by the new DarkNote backing it. It runs on a brilliant piece of disruptive technology which just has to push the coin into the cohort of coins leading the Bitcoin 2.0 revolution,” said Cointelegraph’s Chief Development Officer, Victoria Vaughan. “We’re giving you a great chance to come on board before everyone else and in a fun way too.”

Fairproof and DarkNote Giveaway

If casino-style is not quite your thing, never fear. Cointelegraph has teamed up with BetVIP to offer sport fans the chance to use their heads and win up to 2 BTC by predicting the top 5 teams in the UK Premier League this season.

As the world’s first fully-licensed Bitcoin betting site, BetVIP.com is able to offer a huge range of sports likely to keep even the most avid spectators happy. Casino gaming and lotteries are also available.

Vaughan further stated:

“This giveaway is a great risk-free opportunity for everyone who wants to get a pleasant gambling experience, given the fact that the gambling industry within the crypto-community is noticeably on the rise.”

“I wish you all good luck and please stay tuned for more cool campaigns to come in the near future,” she added.

BetVip Giveaway

To find out the full details on how to enter Cointelegraph Giveaways, take a look at the official giveaway page – this can also be accessed from the top of the homepage by clicking on the gift icon.

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