After a massive number of Twitter accounts were hacked on July 15, one of the affected, Tron founder Justin Sun, put a bounty on the heads of those responsible. 

Tron's founder will give $1 million to the person or persons responsible for tracking down the hackers and providing pertinent data on the situation, Sun, CEO of BitTorrent and Founder of TRON told, Cointelegraph.  

Sun added:

“We are working closely with Twitter to resolve this issue immediately and return our accounts to normal. We are always vigilant in the handling our accounts; operating safely and responsibly -- taking the security of our accounts to the highest standards possible. This only further illuminates the urgent need for our society to adopt decentralized, trustless software and services.”

All of Twitter hacked?

A hacker, or hackers, breached a large portion Twitter on July 15, including the accounts of Coinbase, Gemini, the Tron Foundation and other businesses, as well as personal accounts including Charlie Lee, Justin Sun and a number of crypto influencers. 

The hack stretches far beyond simply crypto, however, as even Elon Musk and Bill Gates saw their Twitter accounts hacked around the same time. 

The hacks range from partnership announcements and Bitcoin (BTC) giveaways, to fake paid trading groups.