Kim Dotcom Faces U.S. Extradition, Hearing Will Be Live On YouTube

Kim Dotcom’s life is never boring. When he’s not fighting off lawsuits, he is building mega-businesses like Megaupload. When he is not openly mocking the U.S. Government, he is building a Megaupload remix that will be built around Bitcoin’s digital currency.

Taking on the world’s greatest empire in court is just another day in paradise for Kim, and so he will do it in style. Kim Dotcom is facing an American extradition legal hearing, starting today, and it will be streamed live on YouTube.

First time in history a legal hearing is streamed live on YouTube

The U.S. is looking to make an example of Kim Dotcom. Their legal battle against him, his co-founders, and his former site Megaupload (shut down in 2012), once one of the Internet’s Top 20 most-used websites will look to charge him with crimes ranging from money-laundering to copyright infringement.

Kim Dotcom, in response, will look to return the favor, and expose the U.S. Government as tyranny incarnate by live streaming the hearing on YouTube, an unprecedented move in New Zealand legal history, where Kim currently resides to avoid extradition.

Amazingly, The High Court judge, Justice Murray Gilbert, has agreed to hold the hearing in Auckland, which may last up to eight weeks, while including a live streaming feed for Kim.

Judge Gilbert made some interesting stipulations to Kim’s request. There will be a 20-minute delay to remove anything that may not be appropriate for the public airwaves.

According to the BBC, Judge Gilbert also said the hearing will not remain online in perpetuity, and will be taken down in the future (not that anyone online wouldn’t duplicate the stream, copy it or repost it until the end of time).

Dotcom is building a Bitcoin business and wallet within Megaupload 2.0 called Bitcache, a potential Bitcoin wallet for your Megaupload account. He believes that his innovative Bitcache design is a solution to Bitcoin’s current Blockchain limitations. Kim states that he is targeting 100,000,000 Bitcache wallets for the program. Kim Dotcom seems to appreciate Cointelegraph’s take on MegaUplaod 2.0/BitCache.