South Korean Bitcoin exchange Bithumb is yet to confirm user reports of “tens of millions” of Won stolen from their accounts.

In comments this week following a hacking attempt Thursday, Bithumb, which handles more volume than any other South Korean exchange, confirmed customer data had “leaked” but said funds were safe.

“Employee PCs were hacked, not the headquarters server,” a source said, quoted by local news resource Kyunghyang Shinmun.

In a subsequent blog post, the exchange stated it would be issuing compensation worth 100,000 won ($86.83) to each customer whose data had fallen to hackers.

While this data includes phone numbers and email addresses, Kyunghyang Shinmun reports, customers are less than satisfied, telling the publication hackers had gained access to their accounts and removed Bitcoins.

“Our account passwords were hacked as well as our phone number and money was withdrawn,” one said.

Bithumb has yet to release exact details as to how the hack occurred. Last week, sources reported the exchange was coming under DDOS attack and that it had temporarily gone offline.

As of press time, its website appears to be functioning normally.

South Korea is set to benefit from hard-and-fast Bitcoin regulations in the near future as lawmakers seek to formalize the market.