This December 6th & 7th, laBITconf RIO 2014 will not only be the first world-class Bitcoin Conference to be hosted in Brazil, but also the most important conference of the year in Latin America.

Cointelegraph is proud to announce that it will be the official media sponsor of laBITconf RIO 2014.

laBITconf Agenda

This year's laBITconf RIO 2014 will be building on the success of laBITconf Buenos Aires 2013, which was declared “best conference of 2013” by several well-traveled Bitcoin gurus including Andreas Antonopoulos, Anthony Di Iorio, and Nic Cary.

The conference will feature more than 25 presentations and over 30 international confirmed speakers like Jeff Garzik, Tony Gallipi, Nicolas Cary, Anthony Di Iorio, and Juan Llanos. It will also count on the presence of some of the biggest, most relevant, and most well-funded companies in the ecosystem, plus Brock Pierce, Eddy Travia, Matthew Roszak, Trace Mayer and other big Bitcoin startup investors will be advising and studying local startups.

On the Brazilian side, Ronaldo Lemos, a well know TV presenter, Alexhandre Linhares, Founder of a prestigious College in Brasil, Celso Pitta, the brazilian founder BTCJam and Fernando Ulrich from the Misses Institute will be talking at the conference. Also Bruno Balduccini, one of the main Brazilian Banking Law advocates will be addressing about local legal aspects.

Bitcoin in Latin America

Latin America is the perfect environment for Bitcoin to thrive as its people are intimately familiar with inflation, hyperinflation, devaluation, government confiscation, abusive taxes, interest rates, excessive fees, and capital controls. Many Latin American countries are heavily underbanked and remittance-dependent. Yet there is exceptional smartphone penetration and technical expertise in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

Last year's conference acted as a launchpad for companies such as Bitpay's new operations in the region. But it is no coincidence that this year’s conference is shifting to Brazil, which has been seeing strong Bitcoin community growth in the past few months. In particular Brazil is one of the few countries with clear taxation guidance and some regulation about Bitcoins, a topic to be discussed in depth during the conference by specialists in the field.

Hosted in what is considered one of the “best cities of the world to visit” and in the 5th most populous country in the world, which is home of over 60,000 Bitcoin adopters (according to local exchanges data), laBITconf Rio 2014 is a unique opportunity to meet the whole regional Bitcoin ecosystem face to face in one place and promote your business.

This is why this December, laBITconf RIO 2014 is set to exceed the high standards that were set last year in terms of networking, content and venue, assuring it will be a memorable, and profitable, event.

All presentations will be held in English and translated in real time to Portuguese providing an immersive experience for both international and local audience members.

We hope to see you all in RIO!

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