National Bitcoin ATM has installed a new BTM in Las Vegas, precisely at 107 E Charleston Boulevard in North Las Vegas. The machine is open 24/7 and allows only to buy Bitcoin.

This ATM is located in the main corridor of the Arts Factory, accessible through the Downtown Crown Pub entrance.

“The majority of Bitcoin ATM customers seem to have an appetite for purchasing Bitcoin more than selling”, commented a spokeperson.

How to use National Bitcoin ATM

To get started using the Bitcoin ATM all you need is to provide a mobile phone number. The maximum limit for buying is $2,500.

A  spokeperson explains to Cointelegraph:

“Buying Bitcoin at a National Bitcoin ATM takes only a few minutes to complete from start to finish. The experience is great and the machine walks you through the whole process.”

National Bitcoin ATM has 10 machines around the whole North America and in the future the company plans to install more ATMs.

Why decentralized currency is better

An interesting thing to note is the ATM location, as the wall behind it is covered with an infographic created by HolyTransaction.

Holytransaction is a multi-currency wallet that provides access to the most popular digital currencies: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin, ThetherUS, Ethereum and Gridcoin.

The infographic, entitled “Why is decentralized currency better?”, presents the most important benefits of the Bitcoin use.

Francesco Simonetti, HolyTransaction CEO, comments:

"Educating the masses about Bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrency is necessary. There are many people who have no idea of what Bitcoin is.”

Why decentralized currency is better