JUN 29 DIGEST: Learn Bitcoin Playing Minecraft; LocalBitcoins Competitor Launches

Kids’ Minecraft Server Includes Bitcoin as In-Game Money; a competitor has finally launched to the popular P2P bitcoin exchange service and more top stories for June 29.

Kids’ Minecraft Server Includes Bitcoin as In-Game Money

PlayMC, a Minecraft game server for kids, has included Bitcoin into its game environment. Players on the server will now earn bitcoins, which they can also use to purchase additional game content.

According to PlayMC, this addition will help educate children about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a practical environment.

BitsGo, Localbitcoins competitor launches

BitsGo.com, a platform that connects sellers and buyers of bitcoin online has launched. The startup has entered a space that LocalBitcoins has dominated since 2013. The founders of BitsGo have designed it to support different payment methods found in hundred of countries around the world.

BitsGo website:

“BitsGo.com (BG) created for people who want to exchange any of the usual currencies to Bitcoins online. The user can choose search filters and respond to an offer or post own advertisement specifying the exchange rate and payment method. All the transactions are carried out directly between people (P2P) through a site. It is allow to not send bitcoins until payment is received.”

Hong Kong Free Press is now live, accepts BTC

Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), an English-language news website that seeks to provide credible reporting on local and national affairs, has gone live. To guarantee free and independent reporting, the non-profit online publication accepts bitcoin donations.


"We have a young team of bilingual reporters who ensure we are first to breaking news. We also have a secure, multimedia website designed to be a platform for expert voices, citizen contributors, and local advocacy groups. Throu