Swiss Crypto Valley startup Lisk has announced updates across its suite of products as developers say its first major release is “in sight.”

In a press release on Tuesday, Lisk Foundation President Max Kordek said that the improvements to Lisk Core, Lisk Nano and Lisk-JS were all “in preparation” for the release of the long-awaited Lisk 1.0.0.

“Lisk’s latest updates feature significant performance gains across all platforms, enhancing efficiency and usability while providing greater stability,” he commented. “Each update improves upon the solid foundation established by our previous releases, preparing for Lisk 1.0.0.”

Lisk is a Blockchain application platform using so-called delegated proof-of-stake algorithm to allow users to build grassroots applications in JavaScript.

Its last update was a core software revamp focusing heavily on security in February, while its Stellar crowdsale in March 2016 raised $8 mln and became Germany’s most successful crowdfunding campaign in history.

Addressing the latest release, Co-Founder Oliver Beddows continued the perspective of preparing the ground for a major launch in the near future.

“Our development team have undertaken a significant refactoring of Lisk Nano, and while this is invisible on the surface, we’ve laid the foundation for drastic changes to come, including the switch to a fully-featured desktop client for the Lisk network,” he said.

“With our first major release, Lisk 1.0.0, in sight, we are closer to becoming the innovative, safe, and seamless blockchain application platform outlined since day one,” Kordek concluded.

Lisk’s currency LSK has seen its fortunes treble in the past six weeks, prices surging from around $0.12 to $0.33 per coin respectively.