London Scene Roundup: Has Joe Lubin Gone Too Far?

Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton, aka the ‘Sage of Shoreditch’, reports on the altcoins that replace ski passes and redeem sins, recent ICOs, Joe Lubin’s creating a multi-billion Blockchain empire and Satoshi spotted at a rugby game.

Redeem your sins

Parishioner Fred Unwin always has a large smile on his face. He attends church when he can but this time I met him on his way to the pub.

Cointelegraph: You seem very happy with life Fred. What’s going on?

Fred Unwin: Yes indeed. I have just purchased another £5000 of GodCoins that moves me closer to heaven. Even though this year I was on Santa’s naughty list now I have moved up.

The Very Reverend Joseph Fupa explained:

“GodCoin allows regular churchgoers to earn credits that move them up the list to be the first to enter through the ‘pearly gates’. The altcoin has a redeeming quality, don’t you think?”

At the Church of St Deeds in Somerset next to the crypt, there is a sign that explains to parishioners how to leave donations in GodCoins. It reads: GodCoin Accepted here!

21Coin ICO planned for 5 April

David Lofts, Chief Marketing Officer at 21Million who confirms the 5th April 2017 date for the upcoming ICO, says:

“We decided to delay our ICO until the start of the new Tax Year and we are putting things in place to meet our deadlines and the interest in our project builds…”

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